Instructors spend significantly less time documenting student skills with the Salt House.
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Tracking Skills

Login, a few clicks, and you're done.

Signing of skills for individual students or the entire class is a simple process.

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Skills List

We manage the skills list.

When the CVTEA releases updates we handle it and you get the updates automatically.

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Step-by-step criteria for all required hands-on skills.

Students can view and you can customize criteria. You can also generate reports when it comes time for a site visit.

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We've got you covered with reporting.

  • Visibility on student's progress
  • Help faculty stay accountable
  • Program setup & Skill coverage
  • CVTEA Site Visits

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Easy Management

Set up your program and then you're ready to go.

It's easy to assign skills to courses, get your faculty on-boarded, and students engaged. We've streamlined the process and made it as easy as possible.

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  • Help students find internship sites, evaluate fit, and make contact.
  • Track hours
  • Student Evaluations
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Online CVTEA Essential Skill Tracking is better

The Salt House software provides a better way to track Vet Tech essential skills for accreditation. It is faster, you don't have to physically sign each student's skill completion. You check the box and the system handles the rest. Student skill tracker binders won't get lost because everything is stored securely in the cloud. You won't have to worry about a student's skill progress going missing. We handle the long-term storage for you. As long as you're a client, we won't ever delete your data - and if you need to download your data you can. When it's time for a CVTEA site visit you'll simply have to print a student report for the site team.

Providing data to your CVTEA Accreditation site visit team

The Salt House software provides reports for you to give to the CVTEA accreditation site visit team. These include essential skill reports for students, essential skill rubrics for hands on skills, and a mapping of how the skills are distributed through your educational program.

The student skill report provides the site visit team with an overall report for an individual student's progress with the CVTEA Essential Skills. It is part of how you can easily show the site visit team how your program is meeting the CVTEA requirements for accreditation.

The skill rubrics report shows the specific steps or criteria for each 'hands-on' skill. The Salt House provides a version of the rubric for each hands-on skill as part of the default platform. These essential skill rubrics have been generously provided by Vet Tech educators who also use the program. You can use the rubrics as-is or customize them to show how your school specifically implements a particular skill.

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